Ishibashi Foundation Summer Fellowship

2020 Course Dates: 25 July to 15 August

What is the summer fellowship about?

This course offers an in-depth encounter with Japanese arts and cultures, from traditional fine art to modern art and contemporary cinema. Over the three weeks of the course, students will learn how Japanese visual and material cultures are displayed in museums and galleries both in Japan and elsewhere; and about current debates in the study of Japanese art history in a transnational context. Through detailed case studies students will gain a clear understanding of Japanese artistic and cultural traditions and their impact on the modern world.

What are the learning objectives of the summer fellowship?

Participants will develop a critical awareness of the artistic and cultural traditions of Japan and their global impact. They will also develop an understanding the arts and cultures of Japan in the context of contemporary debates in art history and museology. A further objective is the engagement with specialists Japanese arts and cultures and gaining awareness of key organisations, institutions and networks. Participants will also hone the skills needed to appreciate and critically assess the contribution Japan has made to the arts and cultures of humanity in general

What are participants able to do by the end of the summer fellowship?

By the end of this module participants will be able to:
• Be a more intercultural member of society, having gained knowledge about Japan’s social, political and cultural context
• Have a greater understanding of Japan’s artistic and cultural traditions
• Have an appreciation of the global significance of Japanese arts, cultures and heritage
• Use enhanced study skills, in particular the ability to present information and express ideas about materials studied in oral and written formats

Who is the summer fellowship for?

The course is suited to those who are interested in Japan, East Asia and the latest debates in Japanese arts, cultures and visual media. No specific prior knowledge is required except a strong desire and willingness to learn and engage.

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The deadline for applications is 31 March