The British Museum

British Museum

It is a source of great pride at the Institute to be associated with one of the greatest museums in the world, the British Museum.

In the past, the Institute’s academics have been invited to be guest curators there which have resulted in the opening of ground-breaking exhibitions such as ‘Kazari’ (2001 and 2002), ‘Crafting Beauty (2007)’ and ‘Power of Dogu (2009)’. These exhibitions have had an immense impact on the understanding of Japanese arts and cultures for the audience visiting the Museum in great numbers from all over the world. Moreover, they have contributed in deepening appreciation of their own cultural heritage, be it craft or be it prehistoric figurines, amongst the Japanese themselves.

Our institutional ties with the British Museum has been further strengthened with the secondment of our Research Director, Professor Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere to the Japanese section of the Museum since 2014 as the IFAC Handa Curator in Japanese arts. Professor Rousmaniere is now working on a major exhibition on manga to be held at the British Museum from May to August 2019, which has all the promises of becoming a blockbuster show. In addition to this secondment, Dr Simon Kaner, our Executive Director, is Research Fellow at the Japan Section of the Museum, and Mr Hirano Akira, our librarian at the Lisa Sainsbury Library, is an honorary librarian of the Japanese section of the British Museum.

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