Red Red Rock

Hayashi Seiichi (translated by Ryan Holmberg)
Published by: Breakdown Press, 2016

A definitive, career-spanning collection of stories from one of Japan’s most famous alternative cartoonists. Totalling more than 250 pages, Red Red Rock collects over a dozen of Hayashi Seiichi’s most famous stories from his most prolific period, spanning his debut for Garo in 1967 to his adult work for Josei Jishin in 1969-70.

“Discovering Hayashi Seiichi’s work was a revelation – it’s an astonishing blend of sensibilities, steeped in a graceful melancholy” – David Mazzucchelli

Red Red Rock was printed by offset lithography at DeckersSnoeck in Belgium.

The production of this book was supported by the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures.

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Ryan Holmberg is an art and comics historian. After receiving his PhD in Japanese Art History from Yale University in 2007, he taught at the University of Chicago, City University of New York, and the University of Southern California. He is a frequent contributor to Art in America, Artforum, Yishu, and The Comics Journal. He has edited and translated a number of historically important Japanese comics, amongst them Tezuka Osamu’s The Mysterious Underground Men (PictureBox 2014), winner of the 2014 Eisner Award for Best U.S. Edition of International Material: Asia.

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