UNESCO World Heritage and Japan

The Sainsbury Institute is pleased to support the inscription of some of Japan’s outstanding cultural heritage as UNESCO World Heritage:

Jomon World Heritage: In 2012 we co-organised a workshop with the Maison de la Culture du Japon in Paris on ‘Jomon World Heritage’. 17 Jomon sites are currently on Japan’s Tentative List. Simon Kaner recently gave keynote lectures on viewing the Jomon from outside Japan in Sapporo in November 2015 and in Tokyo in January 2016, prior to taking part in one of the International Expert Panel meetings, and was involved in visits to some of the sites in August 2016.

The gold and silver mines of Sado: In 2014 Simon Kaner and Nicole Rousmaniere were invited to visit the remarkable gold and silver mines on the island of Sado in Niigata prefecture, along with Professor Kobayashi Tatsuo, and to provide advice on this developing bid.