Art and Cultural Resources

Japanese art and culture provide an ideal discursive space where new ideas and core issues can be developed. The dynamism and productivity that characterise Japanese art and its study, and the increased interfacing with global trends in art provide fertile ground for innovative new approaches to the understanding of art in a global context. The Sainsbury Institute is undertaking targeted explorations in Japanese art history that uncover what is happening in terms of broad human cultural evolution and aspirations. The Sainsbury Institute is uniquely positioned to contribute to these emerging debates through its networks and projects.

This project explores the changing boundaries and concepts of ‘art’ in Japan and East Asia.

This project forms part of a larger investigation of transnational Japanese gardens. This focuses on gardens which deal with the memory of the Asia Pacific War both in Japan and elsewhere.

This project aims to include calligraphy from Japan into the larger discussion of postwar avant-gardes.

This project investigates the complex processes of modernization of calligraphy in East Asia from the late nineteenth century until the end of the Pacific War.

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