Kokugakuin University

Our research link with Kokugakuin University provided ample opportunities to invite scholars from the university to conduct research and give talks on current research on Japan. In July 2017, we welcomed Professor Sasou Mamoru (Director of the Kokugakuin University Museum) to give the eighth Carmen Blacker Lecture. A scholar on Shinto Studies, he delivered an insightful talk titled ‘The Archaeology of Ritual Sites and the Origins of Japanese Shrines and Festivals.’. The Sainsbury Institute also facilitated a visit by Professor Uchikawa to study the British Museum’s Siebold collection. Back in 2010 in association with Kokugakuin University, the Institute held a Jōmon World Heritage symposium at the Society of Antiquaries, and ‘Shinto in Archaeology’ workshop at the Centre Européen d’Études Japonaises d’Alsace (CEEJA) in 2011.

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