European Japanese Archaeology Network

There is increasing interest within Japanese archaeology as to how best to contribute to archaeology globally, an interest matched by an emerging network of archaeologists and cultural heritage specialists in Europe aware of the significance of Japanese archaeology beyond the confines of the archipelago. The Sainsbury Institute and the Centre for Archaeology and Heritage organises occasional workshops and study days to foster this network. In February 2011, in conjunction with Professor Tsujita Jun’ichiro (Kyushu University), who spent the preceding year at the Sainsbury Institute as a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Visiting Fellow, we organised a study day on Japanese archaeology. Contributors included: Professor Miyamoto Kazuo (Kyushu University), on the origins of agriculture in Japan; Professor Chris Scarre (University of Durham) on monumentality; Dr Laurent Nespolous (INALCO, Paris), on kofun archaeology; Dr Arnaud Nanta (EHESS, Paris) on the history of Japanese archaeology; and Dr Mayke Wagner (German Archaeological Institute).