Manga Symposium Programme

10.20 Opening remarks
Chair: Eugenia Bogdanova-Kummer (SISJAC and UEA)

10.30-11.00 Keynote talk
by Jaqueline Berndt (Stockholm University)
Manga Studies’ “Manga” and the Outside Perspective: Intercultural Observations


Panel.1 manga and comic theory and iconography (manga hyōgenron)

In her book Giga Town (2017) manga artist Kōno Fumiyo (b. 1968) explain the visual codes that manga artists frequently use to indicate actions or emotions (manpu). These visual codes play a vital role in the construction and consumption of manga. Modern Manga industry have been able to thrive both artists and their audience shared an established iconography that allowed for the immediate recognition of themes and the appreciation of playful parodies of those themes. This sharing of imagery formed an important part of the creative process in Modern manga.


11.00-11.40 ‘Manga iconography’ by Ito Go (Tokyo Polytechnic University) and Natsume Fusanosuke (Gakushuin University)

11.40-12.20 ‘Shôjo Manga’ by Yamada Tomoko and Takemiya Keiko

12.20-13.00 ‘Manga literacy: A Case Study of Gigatown by Kono Fumiyo’ by Yoshimura Kazuma (Kyoto Seika University)

13.00-13.20 Discussion
Discussant: Nicole Rousmaniere (British Museum and SISJAC, UEA)

(13.20-14.20 Lunch Break)

Panel. 2 – The Historical Roots of Manga

Although manga are a global phenomenon, it is unusual to see original artworks that form the visual basis for these printed works, even in Japan. Rarer still are they seen alongside historical works that reveal the cultural context out of which they emerged. This discussion will contribute to a better understanding of the development of visual narratives from the Edo period through to contemporary Japan. This subject is currently divided between pre-modern and contemporary studies, resulting in the lack of an effective overview. We expect that this project will prove helpful to large UK national organisations such as the British Museum and the British library, which hold a significant number of relevant historical works.

14.20-14.40 ‘From Ehon to Manga’ by Ryoko Matsuba (SISJAC)

14.40-15.00 ‘Kitazawa Rakuten and the Dawn of Contemporary Manga’ by Ronald Stewart (Daito Bunka University)

15.00-15.15 Discussion

Discussant: Adam L. Kern (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


Panel. 3- Manga in the Museum

The manga exhibition illustrates the growing appeal of this form in historical and social contexts, exploring its links to the past, revealing its present manifestations and exploring its trajectories into other related trajectories. We discuss the significance of displaying manga in Europe, Japan and beyond.

15.15-15.55 Manga in Japanese Museums by Ito Yu and Yoo Sookyung (Kyoto International Manga Museum)

15.55-16.15 ‘Hokusai x Manga. Displaying Japanese popular culture’ by Simon Klingler (Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg)

16.15-16.35 ‘Manga in the British Museum’ by Nicole Rousmaniere

16.35-16.50 Discussion
Discussant: Ian Hague (University Arts of London)


16.50-17.30 Roundtable Discussion

Discussant: Roger Sabin (University Arts of London)