Handa Japanese Archaeology Fellows

Noriyuki Yamamoto

2002 - 2003

PhD, Kokugakuin University, Tokyo, 1997

Lecturer, Kokugakuin University

Dr Yamamoto’s innovative research method tries to put focus not so much on the general overview of Jomon culture and society, but rather on specific periods and areas to better understand specific region’s lifestyle history during the Jomon period. During his fellowship, Dr Yamamoto carried out comparative study on pre-historic ceramic vessels of English and Japanese Jomon period origins. He organized and presented his findings in an important workshop held at the Embassy of Japan in the UK to inform both the academic community and public audience the wealth of research on Jomon culture together with Professor Richard Pearson and Dr Simon Kaner. Publications he has contributed to include Modern Archaeological Methods and Theories, volumes I and II (Gendai kôkogaku no hôhô to riron)(Dôseisha) and Prehistoric Archaeology Essay Collection 6 (Senshi kôkogaku ronshû).