Handa Art Historian Fellows

Junko Muto

2001 - 2002

PhD, Gakushuin University, 2002

Lecturer in Japanese Literature at Gakushuin University and Tamagawa University

Dr Muto examined during her fellowship a large number of important ukiyo-e woodblock prints, especially actor prints held in major European collections. With her background in pre-modern literature and culture, she meticulously surveyed prints housed in key institutions including the British Museum, the British Library, Victoria and Albert Museum, Fitzwilliam Museum, Zurich Design Museum, Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde in Leiden and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Her research culminated in the publication of Shoki ukiyo-e to kabuki (Early ukiyo-e and kabuki)(Sakuma Shoin, 2005), which has subsequently won the prestigious 17th Annual Kokka Prize (Asahi Shimbun, Kokka-sha) and 4th Annual Tokugawa Prize (Tokugawa Kinenzaidan). Other publications she has contributed to include Kabuki 101 Tales (kabuki 101 monogatari) (Shinshokan) and Collection of Japanese Ghosts (nihon no yûrei meigashû)(Jinrui bunka sha).