Handa Art Historian Fellows

Akira Matsuda

2009 - 2010

PhD, University College London

Lecturer in Japanese Artistic Heritage, University of East Anglia

Dr Matsuda’s research interests are in the meaning, (re)presentation, and use of the past in contemporary society. More specifically, he studies the relationship between archaeology – and more broadly cultural heritage – and the general public from anthropological and sociological points of view. He completed his Ph.D. in public archaeology at University College London during his fellowship in 2009.

Dr Matsuda’s research projects during his fellowship included assisting with the exhibitions ‘The Power of Dogu’ (The British Museum, 2009) and ‘unearthed’ (Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, 2010).  He also organised international conferences and workshops, such as the ‘Japan-UK Archaeology’ workshop (SOAS, July 2009), ‘Cultural Heritage? in East Asia’ workshop (UCL, March 2010) and the symposium ‘New Museology: Drawing synergies between cultural heritage and contemporary cultures’ (Akiba Hall, Tokyo, September 2010). Since September 2010, he has been teaching an MA Module on ‘Culture Heritage and Museum Studies (with a Japanese strand)’ at the School of World Art and Museology (WAM), University of East Anglia. He has recently been appointed as Lecturer in Japanese Artistic Heritage at WAM.