Handa Art Historian Fellows

Akiko Yano

2002 - 2003

PhD, Keio University

Research Associate, Japan Research Centre

Dr Yano surveyed and researched medieval and pre-modern Japanese painting collections of the British Museum including in-depth scholarly study of over thirty works that have not been fully investigated in recent years during her fellowship period. She furthermore surveyed works by famous ukiyo-e artists in UK and European collections and presented her findings at scholarly events. Her Ph.D. thesis submitted to Keio University upon completion of her fellowship includes much of her research done during her fellowship. The fellowship also allowed her to take part in an ukiyo-e project as Assistant Curator, a project that culminated into a travelling exhibition entitled Kabuki Heroes on the Osaka Stage 1780–1830, first held at the British Museum in 2005, then at the Osaka Museum of History and Waseda University Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum. Dr Yano has since written on the subject of actor prints and ukiyo-e in various publications.