Radiocarbon Dating in Japanese Archaeology

Tuesday 8 Apr 2014 - Wednesday 9 Apr 2014 |

Sainsbury Institute, 64 The Close

8 April 2014 | 12-6pm
9 April 2014 | 9am-noon
Venue: Sainsbury Institute, 64 The Close, Norwich NR1 4DZ

Keynote Speaker: Kobayashi Ken-ichi
Professor of Archaeology, Chuo University

About the Workshop

Radiocarbon workshop imageRecent years have seen major advances in the use of radiocarbon dating and associated techniques in Japanese archaeology. One of the key figures in this development is Professor Kobayashi Ken’ichi of Chuo University, Tokyo, who was closely involved with the radiocarbon dating programme at the National Museum of Japanese History, Sakura. This workshop will examine the implications of the new radiocarbon chronology now available for Japan. These include: a new date for the start of the Jomon period in conjunction with the early use of pottery; high-precision dates for many of the Jomon subcultures (in particular during the Middle Jomon); and new dates for the start of rice farming in the Japanese archipelago.


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With the support of Chuo University, Tokyo, and sponsorship from the Sainsbury Institute-SOAS Collaborative Research Fund.