List of past events 2012

Carmen Blacker Lecture Series, Conference, Exhibition, Lecture, Symposium, Workshop
Saturday 31 Dec 2011 |

24 July 2012 | BCLT Summer School 2012 | Michael Emmerich
On Translating Japanese Into Japanese

19 July 2012 | Carmen Blacker Lecture Series | Ben-Ami Shillony
Paragons of Culture: The Soft Power of the Japanese Emperors

17 July 2012 | Yoshio Negita
Special Lecture on Cultural Properties and Archaeological Sites Affected by 3/11

8 July 2012 9pm (Japanese time) | Special NHK Screening
Shirarezaru Daiei-Hakubustukan (Unknown aspects of the British Museum)

3 April-1 July 2012 | Exhibition at the Palazzo Pitti
Giappone: Terra di incanti (Japan: Land of enchantment)

28-29 June 2012 | UEA Conference on Asia
A New Asia? Politics, Society and Culture in the 21st Century

4 February-24 June 2012 | SCVA exhibition
JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters

23 June 2012 | Lecture in Florence | Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere
Re-Thinking the Japanese Ceramic Trade in the 17th-18th Centuries

21 June 2012 | Third Thursday Lecture | Rayna Denison
From Manga to Movies: Art in Contemporary Japanese Cinema

30 May 2012 | Oxford University School of Archaeology Lecture | Akira Matsuda
Burial Mounds and Sense of Place in Japan

17 May 2012 | Third Thursday Lecture | Gyewon Kim
The Camera and the Emperor

20 April 2012 | International Workshop in Japanese Media Studies | Ulrich Heinze
Disaster and Cultural Change

19 April 2012 | Third Thursday Lecture | Michel Maucuer
The Origins of Flower Arranging in Japan

29 September 2011-8 April 2012 | Exhibition at the British Museum
Manga at the British Museum: Drawings by Hoshino Yukinobu

29 March 2012 | SCVA Thursday Lunchtime Talk | Ulrich Heinze

29 March 2012 | Japan Society Southern Counties Meeting
Japan After the Tsunami

24 January-24 March 2012 | Brunei Gallery (SOAS) exhibition
Tohoku: Images of a Disaster

15 March 2012 | Third Thursday Lecture | Graham Hardman
Visions of Paradise: The Japanese Garden in the UK

9 March 2012 | Symposium at SCVA
Too Kawaii: The Power of the Super Cute

6 March 2012 | Japanese Roof Garden, Brunei Gallery (SOAS)
Ceremony to Commemorate the First Year Anniversary
of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

5-10 March 2012 | Meet Your Manga Writer | SCVA
Mangakka Christina Plaka in Norwich

16 February 2012 | Third Thursday Lecture | Simon Kaner
Okinoshima: the Shōsōin of the Sea

16 February 2012 | University of Michigan Lecture | Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere
On the Creation of a National Collection of Japanese Ceramics in the 1870s:
A.W. Franks, Ernest Satow, Ninagawa Noritane and the British Museum

13 February 2012 | Asian Studies Centre Seminar Series, University of Cambridge | Gyewon Kim
Tracing the Emperor: Photography and the Imperial Progressions in Meiji Japan

8 February 2012 | 13th Annual John W. Hall Lecture in Japanese Studies | Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere
Vessels of Influence: The Formation of the Porcelain Industry in Japan

19 January 2012 | Third Thursday Lecture | Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere
Collecting Japanese Ceramics for the British Museum in the Later 19th Century

16 January 2012 | Japan Society Lecture | Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere
Collecting Japanese Ceramics for the British Museum in the Later 19th Century