Crossing Borders, Pushing Boundaries: Rethinking Transnational Memories of War in Asia and the Pacific

3月27日2019年 - 3月28日2019年 |

NIOD Institute for War-, Holocaust- and Genocide Studies
Herengracht 380
1016 CJ Amsterdam

Co-organized by

Dr Jennifer Coates
Sainsbury Institute

Dr Mark Pendleton
University of Sheffield

Dr Eveline Buchheim
NIOD Institute for War-, Holocaust- and Genocide Studies

About the Symposium

Symposium participants will analyze how transnational memories of war in Asia and Europe are formed, using the notion of ‘cultural memory’, in order to find out to what controversies this creates about legacies of the war in Asia and the Pacific. Analyzing these cultural memories, the ‘connection[s] between memory… and socio-cultural contexts’ (Erll 2010, p. 5) can clarify how different versions of the past are constructed and reconstructed. If we see how controversies and debates about the way Japan tackles its war past continue to haunt the present, the importance of acknowledging different war memories, also in other cases, becomes evident.

The symposium will include a talk by Dr Jennifer Coates on “Living War Memories Among the Japanese Cinema Audience”.

The programme can be found here.

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