Issue 15 Spring 2016

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Welcome to the Spring 2016 edition of our e-magazine.
We hope you enjoy this edition.

Mami Mizutori
Executive Director

What will Brexit mean for academia? We are less than two months away from the referendum which will …Read More

Keepsake 1921 95 years ago on 3 March 1921, the then 19-year-old Crown Prince Hirohito (later Showa Emperor) …Read More

A thirst for Japanese gardens: Ishibashi Foundation Lectures on the popularity and progress of Japanese gardens outside of …Read More

Kyoto International Manga Museum It would be unique, if not adventurous, for a UK university and local authority …Read More

Katsumata Susumu’s Anti-Nuclear Manga After the 2011 meltdowns, many observers remarked on the irony and injustice of the …Read More

Kimura Tadakazu CBE Tadakazu Kimura: It is an interesting question. In order to answer, firstly we may need to …Read More