Issue 06 January 2014

Dear Friends and Supporters, Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu (Happy New Year!), from Norwich. Following the tradition in Japan, at the outset of 2014 we would like to thank you for all the encouragement you have given us during the past year and to ask for your continuing support throughout the new year. In our first e-magazine of this year you can learn about our ema, in the Lisa Sainsbury Library, and why we consider 2014 the year of the horse according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. Another local feature in this edition is an article about the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, our sister organisation in Norwich. This wonderful museum, always considered as the hidden treasure of Norwich, is quickly becoming a well-known local delight under the strong leadership of the current Director Paul Greenhalgh. There is more about museums in this edition. Museums in Japan introduces the brand new Okada Museum in Hakone, Japan and you can read about a new guidebook on Japanese museums written by our friend Sophie Richard. Last but not least, we are excited to share with you how the Ishibashi Foundation Lecture series was kicked off in Japan. This is a new venture for the Institute promoting to audiences in Japan how Japanese arts and cultures have influenced the Western world over the centuries. We hope you enjoy the articles.

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