• Third Thursday
    15 November 2018 | Third Thursday Lecture Series

    A Pair of Scroll Paintings: the Triple Images in Kite and Crows by Yosa Buson

    Takuyo Yasunaga

    The Third Thursday Lectures offer a range of topics related to the art and culture of Japan. Talks begin at 6pm (50-minute lecture followed by refreshments).

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  • Ishibashi Lecture
    9 December 2018

    Blades, Bushi and Benkei: Weapons and Warfare in Premodern Japan

    Ishibashi Foundation Lecture Series

    This lecture looks at the history of weapons and warfare in premodern Japan.

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  • Arrival of Belief
    Conference | 22 November 2018

    The Arrival of Belief at the Extremities of the Silk Roads

    Recent work on the archaeology of the interface between incoming and local religions in Eurasia 400 – 1000 AD

    A conference to bring together specialists in archaeology, art and history of early Buddhism and Christianity to look at the adoption of these religions in a comparative context in Japan, Korea and around the North Sea

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  • Neolithic
    29 November 2018

    Neolithisation from the Seas of Japan across the North Eurasian Greenbelt

    International Workshop

    This international workshop attempts to develop an interdisciplinary perspective on archaeology, geography, linguistics, anthropology, genetics and biology

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  • Annual report

    Annual Report 2016-17

    Sainsbury Institute

    Our annual report for 2016-17 academic year is now available

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  • History of Art in Japan

    History of Art in Japan

    Tsuji Nobuo
    Translated by Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere

    The leading authority on Japanese art history tells the story of how the country has nurtured unique aesthetics, prominent artists, and distinctive movements.

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  • Slum Wolf

    Slum Wolf

    Tadao Tsuge (translated by Ryan Holmberg)

    A gritty collection of graphic short stories by a Japanese manga master depicting life on the streets among punks, gangsters, and vagrants.

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  • Tobunken
    Reference resource

    Tobunken-Sainsbury Institute Research Collections Database

    Art research database

    Information on Japanese art related publications in English, as well as on Japanese art exhibitions and Japanese film festivals taking place outside of Japan

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  • Publications

    New Publications

    Recent books by Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere, Simon Kaner, Ryan Holmberg, and others

    The Sainsbury Institute actively promotes the publication of research findings developed through our fellowship programme, co-organized exhibitions and other scholarly activities.

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  • Fellowships

    Visiting research fellows play an integral part in the research culture of the Sainsbury Institute and its partner institutions. They work on their own projects and contribute to various seminars and conferences.

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  • Research

    Research networks are at the heart of the Institute’s mission and strategy, forming the basis for our world-class projects. The Institute’s various projects draw on this international network, bringing scholars from around the world together to explore major research themes.

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  • Library

    The Lisa Sainsbury Library holds books, journals, exhibition catalogues, slides, prints, maps and other materials relating to all aspects of Japanese arts and cultures. Its basic level collections include general introductory works and key reference materials in English and Japanese.

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  • Executive Director’s Message

    The Institute continues its commitment to further the mission of researching, teaching and disseminating Japanese arts and cultures

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